• Structural & Cosmetic Tile Restoration

  • Does your bathroom need a cosmetic rejuvenation? Has your grout and caulk become discolored? Or even worse, are your tiles cracking and separating from the wall, seeping water into other rooms? Shower Repair LLC can address all of these issues and save you money over a new installation. No matter the size, shape or age of your tub/shower enclosure, we’ve seen it before, and we know how to fix it. It’s that simple. Call us today for a free, immediate inspection. you don't need to be embarrassed by an unsightly Shower anymore. the bathroom you've always wanted, can be the bathroom you have.

  • About Shower Repair LLC

  • Shower Repair LLC, of Chicago, is a locally owned company established in 1996. We specialize in structural and cosmetic tile repair when waterproofing becomes an issue and grout, sealants, tiles and caulk have begun to age and fail. These failings are not necessarily plumbing issues, but typical wear and tear and indicative of greater problems. Our mission is to address your issues with a cost-effective solution. So why wait for water damage to become pervasive? Be proactive, and have it done right, the first time.

  • Why Use Us

  • 1
  • Fast turnaround – most jobs
    completed in hours, not days

  • 2
  • Thousands of successful

  • 3
  • Professional, courteous,
    punctual, tidy technicians

  • 4
  • Licensed, bonded,
    insured, warranteed

  • 5
  • Cost effective

  • 6
  • Free, immediate inspection
    on all prospective work

  • 7
  • Re-use of salvageable materials
    for a "green" solution